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Who can complaint to if problem with BC









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by Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management,
Chris Irons
Similar to the RTA, the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (the Commissioner’s Office) provides a dispute resolution service and an information service for people who live, work or own in a body corporate.
Tenants are classed as occupiers under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (the Act) and have rights and responsibilities under the Act. Our office can assist tenants and real estate agents understand their rights and obligations as well as their roles in certain issues that may arise.
One of the common misconceptions that our office deals with is the relationship between the body corporate and the tenant.
There is a direct relationship here and the body corporate has a right to correspond with the occupier just like the occupier has a right to correspond with the body corporate.
One of these examples is the issue of enforcement of the body corporate by-laws. As tenants will be aware, the body corporate by-laws must be complied with by both owners and occupiers. If an occupier does not comply with a by-law the body corporate can send a contravention notice directly to the occupier and must give a copy to the owner.
There is no requirement for the real estate agent managing the lot or the owner of the lot to address by-law contraventions. Whether they choose to deal with this issue under residential tenancy law is their decision. The body corporate cannot force a real estate agent or an owner to enforce the by-laws. This is an obligation that sits with the body corporate under the Act.
To find out more about your rights and responsibilities under the Act contact the Information Service on Freecall 1800 060 119 or visit our website at
To stay up-to-date with body corporate news, events and issues, subscribe to our newsletter Common Ground. You can subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your own subscription.

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