About us


The Australian Property Management Alliance is founded by nine Chinese property management owners on the 17th of December 2014, including Paul Shih, Carl Wu, Alex Yang, Kevin Yuan, Phoenix Wu, Dandan Lu, Michael Chang, Gary Liang and Leo Liu. The Alliance is formed to combine the resources and networks of the Chinese Property management right operators, to end the situation of every manager fighting or struggling alone within the industry by themselves. The aim of the Alliance is to unite everyone, forming a strong organisation to increase the voices of Chinese operators within the competitive property management industry. The Alliance will achieve economy of scale to reduce cost of service, improve quality of our management services, and provide Chinese management right owners and operators with convenience and support and be the home of all property managers. The Alliance will gradually increase our variety and quality of services, and build our website to become the one stop service centre and a communication platform between proper owners and managers. We welcome all onsite managers, management right owners and any interested parties to join us and cooperate to contribute towards the Australian Property Management industry.

澳洲物业管理联盟是由十位华人物业管理经理于二零一四年十二月十七日自发筹建成立。其中包括PAUL SHI,CARL WU,ALEX YANG 和KEVIN YUAN 等。本联盟的目的在于整合华人物业管理人脉及资源,消除华人在此行业一盘散沙,单打独斗的局面。我们希望把大家团结起来,形成一个强大的团体,一起争取在竞争日趋激烈的物业管理行业的话语权,共同抵御外来中介对华人经理的打压及利益侵蚀,保障我们的权益。本联盟寻求通过最大程度地发挥团体的力量,降低我们的服务成本,提高我们的管理素质,为广大华人物业拥有者及管理者提供便利和支持,使本联盟成为广大物业管理经理的娘家。本联盟将逐步增加服务项目,提高服务质量,把网站建设成一个一站式服务的枢纽,一个物业管理者交流和提高的平台。我们欢迎所有有志的经理和各华人团体的共同参与和合作,为华人物业管理行业做出一份贡献。